BedPage designates itself as BackPage and Craigslists Personals replacement. Its goal is to bring together adults with the same desires for sensual adventures and satisfy their craziest and unimaginable desires. Things are clear and unambiguous right from the start. The site is present in several countries in North America (USA, Canada), and Europe (UK, France, Italy, Germany …) and is one of the leaders in the adult personals ads and encounters, and in addition, effective. Depending on your preferences and your search criteria, you will have access to members who want the same things as you. So no fear to have on future sensual requests unwanted.

Simple, fast and free registration

Registration on the site is easy, and is completely free. You will have to choose your gender. Then, on the next page, several selectable choices will be proposed to refine your future proposals: meet singles, find love (something long term), flirt, play, chat, voyeurism. Do not worry: these choices are modifiable at your whim in your profile when you want it according to your desires. Then it will be necessary to indicate your country and city. You will also be asked, your date of birth and your relationship situation (if you are single, married, divorced …). The last step will be to select the sub-menus to describe you: your height, silhouette, the color of your eyes, your hair … As on all dating sites, you will be asked to validate your email address, in order to verify its accuracy.

Full free Registration and Access for women

Each site chooses their modes of operation. BedPage, made its choice. Women have completely free access to the services offered. On the theme “light encounter”, this choice brings a lot of advantages. Admittedly, men are more inclined generally to register on this kind of site, but think again, a number of women are released and ready to do this kind of meeting. If, in addition, you allow them to have free access to different services, the alchemy and magic that will result, will be to have a relatively balanced ratio of men and women. If we specify this difference, it is because men, they must subscribe to one of the premium offers of the site to have access to all the communication features. We will return in more detail on these specifications earlier.

How BedPage works

In terms of operation, BedPage has nothing to envy or learn at the main market meeting sites. Its originality does not rest on the features it offers or on its user interface. The classic is rather effective: geolocation, complete profiles, efficient search engine and mobile compatibility. It does not come to overturn the codes of online dating but it does the job. What will really attract Internet users is the community that has managed to gather BedPage.

Which Internet users can you find on BedPage?

No need to make a drawing, on BedPage you will first find men and women who love sex and do not really seek love. A lot of users come directly from the brand’s porn site, some girls have even shot for BedPage, so the exchanges are very hot and very direct. If you are sentimental, you can go your way and turn to serious dating sites and love.

At the physical level, you really find everything and that’s what makes the site so charming. A bit like if you go to Cap d’Agde, you will find free couples, young, old, beautiful and less beautiful … Wholesale BedPage is a reflection of real life.

The best of Adult Personals

For sexy dating fans on the web, selecting the best platform can turn into a real headache. So, when you hear about a portal that differs from others through its strengths, its functions or the results that benefit, it is relevant to be interested. That’s what we’re going to do with the BedPage dating portal. This sexy dating portal enjoys very good notoriety and we could therefore try it during the period of one month. Therefore, if you want to meet female members in your area, in order to develop a romantic relationship or just to share pleasant moments, do not hesitate to become a member of the BedPage portal.

Millions of Users Online

BedPage remains the adult personals online dating service and ads whose growth is most relevant internationally. With millions of members eager to meet you, you’ll find the perfect date, the new love, a more serious relationship or something more exciting. Feel free to join the BedPage community and meet online.

You are looking for an individual with whom you can share your daily life or you are looking for the opportunity for a flirt or a relationship only naughty. BedPage is the platform for you, it understands your various needs and will allow you to answer them. Designed on June 4, 2009, the portal is now accessible in multiple countries and therefore in several languages ​​including: Canadian, Australian, American, Italian, Swedish, English, Danish, Norwegian and obviously French. It is also seen as one of the most qualitative French meeting portals. Let’s discover together the use of its platform of encounter, its moderation or its strengths as well as its weak points.

How the BedPage Dating Site Works

Becoming a member of the portal is fast and completely free. Simply enter your gender, e-mail address, age, and where you live, and select a password to design your account. Confirm your address and you can design your profile or start meeting naughty individuals. All profile fields on the site are optional, as is your presentation photo. However, to maximize your chances of dating, we advise you to complete all sections.

If you want to discover the BedPage site in more detail, it is important for you to become a member to discover the various tools. Registration is completely free. In order to proceed to this one, you will need to complete multiple fields: your sex, your email address, your date of birth, your postal code and finally your password. After completing these various fields of the form and validating the registration, you will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. You will have to validate this one in order to have access to the functions of the portal. As for the subscription, it is necessary to copy the code entered on the portal in the corresponding field. As a result, you will be able to enjoy the various offers available on the BedPage dating portal.


Interface and ease of use

BedPage is an easy-to-use site. Tabs are positioned at the top of each page to easily find what you came for. Transform and enrich your profile profile is really easy, just press your account, you will have access to a tab bar that offers you the ability to edit your photos, your videos and your presentation. On this meeting platform, everything is thought out so that research and flirtation can be done in a pleasant way.

Therefore, the search function is well done and easy to use. Basic research offers the possibility of finding members in relation to several selection criteria: their gender, their age, their place of residence or their online presence. More criteria are available in advanced search, especially the relational status of registered, what they are looking for, if they have classic or naughty photos, and other elements. You will also be able to select specific criteria such as the relationship to alcohol and tobacco, their lifestyle, orientation and sexual preferences. Physical criteria: size, skin color, eye color and hair color give you the ability to focus on physical appearance.

Members and Community

BedPage’s goal is to stimulate the best single-person encounters and, as a result, from the beginning to multiply the possibilities so that you can meet a woman or a man near you. BedPage is a great meeting and modern portal for young singles who want to share good times and make light encounters. The portal remains playful, in a community spirit for men and women who do not want a serious long-term relationship. And it works well! If you want to live pleasant adventures without any particular commitment, this site is for you! It welcomes registrants around the world and adapts to your geographic location as well as the associated language.

Security and moderation

With the growth of growth that BedPage has experienced, some people may be worried about the security of the portal. And yet, there is no problem to have since the portal guarantees a rigorous policy on this subject. The moderation team is constantly active, checking members and removing false profiles. And if you ever have doubts about the benevolence of a member, it is possible to report it to the moderation team who will take care of his case.

Moderation is quite active in chat rooms. Indeed, the charter is precise on the issue and wishes to avoid overflows as much as possible: the dating portal therefore makes it a point of honor to prevent and punish any inappropriate or inappropriate behavior. The objective is therefore to design a secure, protected area where all individuals can exchange as they wish, in a good-natured, friendly, romantic or even sexual atmosphere …

And above all, the site aims to comply with the laws in force on the security and protection of your personal information and wishes to respect your wishes. By means of this serious and professional portal, you will remain constant master of your information. And if you come to meet the love and you want to leave the portal, know that your information is yours and that they will be removed following your request.

The site strives to accompany you to meet the love while ensuring your protection. All personal information is strictly confidential. Beyond these precautions, the portal provides a protected section for meetings where you will see tips for use when you get in touch with other members.


Best Alternative to, a recently closed American classifieds site accused of promoting the prostitution of minors, pleaded guilty to human trafficking, the US Department of Justice said Thursday.

The platform, sometimes presented by its detractors as the world’s first prostitution site – even though, among its millions of ads, many do not involve prostitution – was brutally closed on April 6 by the federal authorities, and seven of its accused persons. website closed by US authorities

The website specializes in sex classifieds has just been closed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). This closure was welcomed by associations and political leaders working to end forced prostitution and exploitation of children. For them, represents a massive advertising market that is mainly used to sell sex. In addition, some advocates of the Internet and freedom of expression have come out on the subject saying that this action could lead to severe federal limits on expression and the press.

Backpage is nevertheless considered the main source of inspiration for FOSTA, a law that holds websites as partially responsible for what users post there. Under this law, Craigslist could be prosecuted, for example, if a prostitute posted an ad on the forum.

This law was passed in part because Backpage. Until recently, the sites were never held responsible for what users posted there. FOSTA will change that. Immediately after the approval of the law, which is expected to come into effect in May, sites such as Reddit and Craigslist Personals have already closed several of their ad sections.